Geographical Location

  • Geographical Location

 Dodoma  Region is one of 31 regions of Tanzania. It is located in the Centre of the Country and bordered by 4 neighboiring regions namely Manyara of the North,Iringa  on the South,Morogoro on the East and Singinda on the West.

The region Covers an area of 41,310KM square and lies on 40 degree to 70 degree Latitude South and 350 degree to 370 degree Longitude east. Much of the region is a plateau rising gradually fromsome 830m in Bahi swamps to 2000m above sea level in the highlands North of Kondoa.

  • Climate

The region features a semi-arid climate with re;latively warm temperatures throughout the year and average highs that are somewhat consistent throughout. Average lows can dip to as low as 10degree centgred(50.0F) during the course of the year. Dodoma region has no an average of 570mm of precipitation per year,the bulk of which occurs during its shorth wet season between December and March. The remaiining period of the year Comprises the dry Season.